Marine Weathertight Single-Leaf Steel Door


Marine Weathertight Single-Leaf Steel Door meets the standard GB/T 3477-2008. Compared with the standard GB/T 3477-1996, this standard has following features: first, clear size of opening 1000×500mm is canceled; second, 12 new clear sizes are added; third, the place of stiffener is adjusted; last, the flat steel door frame is canceled. Marine weathertight single-leaf steel door is installed on the upper structure above deck or deck house. There are 8 available types: AF, AY, BF, BY, CF, CY, DF, DY. You can chose our products according to you requirements. This door can withstand adverse weather conditions which provides you a safer voyage.


Features of Marine Weathertight Single-Leaf Steel Doors

▪ used for the doorway of upper structure above deck or deck house

▪ To meet ISO 6042-1980, GB/T 3477-2008

▪ Specific design of doors for various installation locations

Steel Single-leaf Weathertight Door for Ships

SKU: 323232324
  •               Glass                                    Application Parts

    the front wall of the first superstructure above freeboard deck (forward <0.1~0.7>L from the



    the front wall of the second superstructure above freeboard deck (forward <0.1~0.7>L from

    the after-perpendicular) and the rear end wall and side wall of the first superstructure


    the front wall of the third superstructure above freeboard deck (forward <0.2~0.6>L from the

    after-perpendicular) and the rear end wall and side wall of the second superstructure


    the bulkheads above the fourth superstructure above the freeboard deck and the rear wall and

    side wall of the third superstructure


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