*SOLAS FRP 9 Persons Self Righting Fast Rescue Boat made from glass fiber reinforced(GRP), Between the inner hull and outer hull filled with polyurethane foam to offer sufficient buoyancy.

* Oil-resistance foam fenders are equipped on both sides of the Self righting fast rescue boat, and two layers of fixture rubber areinstalled outside to facilitate replacement. Steel handrails are installed on both sides of the boat for occupants. Self-discharging deck ensure quick discharge of water in the boat.

* SOLAS FRP 9 Persons Self Righting Fast Rescue Boat are powered by OUTBOARD ENGINE or Inboard Engine.

SOLAS FRP 9 Persons Self Righting Fast Rescue Boat

  • Type Main Dimensions(m) Capacity(P) Total Weight(Kg)


    GRB40R Outboard engine  4.05*1.86*0.83  6  1115  ≥6  Mercury25hp
    GR4.5S Single hook 4.5*1.86 *0.85 1185  ≥6   Mercury25hp
    GR4.5D Double hook 4.5*1.86*0.85  1205  ≥6   Mercury25hp


    4.0*1.86*0.86  1245  ≥6   Mercury25-30hp
    GR42KR 4.25*1.75*0.85  1005  ≥6   Mercury25hp


    4.5*1.7*0.75  1565  ≥6   Mercury25hp
    GR54KR  5.4*1.86*0.86  15  1975  ≥6   Mercury25-30hp
    GRB55KR Inbord engine   5.5*2.06*0.9 2195  ≥8   Yanmar/STEYR



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