Engineering ships is a vessel that is exclusively engaged in certain water or subsea works. They include dredging ships, piling boats, salvage boats and so on. The engineering ship winch is an important machinery for lifting or pulling heavy objects. It is generally installed on the deck of an engineering ship.

1.Safe and reliable operating,smooth operation and reasonable structure . 
2.Small volume, compact structure and high transmission efficiency.
3.In order to meet the requirements of customers, specific products can be customized.

Rated Pull  Rated Speed Drum Capacity Motor Power
T kN m/min φmm*m kW
0.5 5 ≥12 φ8*100
1 10 ≥12 φ10*150 5.5
2 20 ≥12 φ15*150 11
3 30 ≥12 φ17*150 15
4 40 ≥15 φ8*150 22
5 50 ≥15 φ20.5*180 30
7.5 75 ≥15 φ26*200 45
8 80 ≥15 φ26*200 37

Engineering Ship Winch

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  • The products approved by CCS,BV,ABS,NK,RINA,etc.

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