H120 Fire Door


This door is designed and manufactures following the standard of ISO. It is suitable for ships which are used to do high dangerous tasks. It is a kind of H-fire rated door. H-fire rated items are tested with hydrocarbon fire curve. Compared with A-fire rated door, the exact difference is the temperate during the testing procedure. H-fire rated doors and walls are tested at higher temperatures in a longer time period. So it can defense special fire disasters and sudden fire hazards. This door can be fire-resistant for 2 hours which provides people precious time to escape disasters. There are two types of H120 fire door: type A is H120 fire sliding door, and type B is H120 hinged door.


Type No.


Fire Class




Door leaf

PVC/PET/HL-3 film or galvanized PVC/PET/HL-3

Door Frame

Powder Painted Steel/Sus

Door-leaf Thickness


Core materials 

Fireproof Board

Class H-120 Double-leaf Fireproof Door

  • Hinged or Sliding

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