CB436-2000 Cleat Fairlead with Single Roller

CB*436-2000 cleat fairlead with single roller has two types: type A and type B. CB*436-2000 type A adopts the CB*58-83 fairlead roller. CB*436-2000 type B adopts GB/T10105-88 marine roller. CB*436-2000 fairlead is strictly produced in line with the quality standard. Its weld and surface is smooth and uniform. The fairlead roller is flexible to turn. The surface of roller is painted asphalt. All our fairleads get the certificate of quality. If you’re interested in our fairlead, please feel free to contact us.




Model Type: CB436-2000 Cleat Fairlead Type B

Material: Steel (GB712)

Standard: CB436-2000, GB/T10105-88(roller standard)

Roller No.: Single Roller

Roller Diameters: 150mm~450mm

Roller Weight: 24.8kg~310.0kg

Base Weight: 129.0kg~452.0kg

Certificate: CCS, ABS, BV, LR, NK, RINA

CB436-2000 Cleat Fairlead Type B

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